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Terms and Conditions


Your use of this website is subject to the conditions outlined in this document and the linked related documents. By entering this website, registering for access, or submitting information you are deemed to have accepted these terms.

Your obligations

You agree to:

    • Assume sole responsibility for any activities undertaken using your website registration ID;
    • Promptly update your registration details if your points of contact, employment or company‘s activities change;
    • Ensure that information you supply to us is accurate and is not defamatory;
    • Notify us as soon as possible of any inaccuracies in information you have supplied to us;
    • Virus-Scan any attachments you send before sending them;
    • Indemnify Route One Publishing, Route One Communications and its partner companies from any liability arising as a result of information you submit for publication at this website including but not limited to adverts, industry index profiles and reader feedback on articles;
    • Allow Route One Publishing to reproduce and adapt any material you send us in any medium for commercial or non-commercial purposes forever and allow Route One Publishing to let others do the same (see copyright policy).

You agree not to:

    • Allow anyone else to use your registration account;
    • Violate our copyright policy;
    • Attempt to access or reverse-engineer any part of the website code;
    • Use any facilities at the website for sending abusive messages or unsolicited commercial email (spam);
    • Do anything likely to affect the performance of the website for other visitors.

Legal forum

Any disputes arising from this website are subject to UK law.


Route One Communications and Route One Publishing disclaim any liability for any damages or loss suffered by you as a result of using this website or relying upon information published here.

We aim to be the leading provider of accurate industry news online, but must disclaim liability for inaccuracies or omissions in our content. We will not be liable under any circumstances for any consequences of decisions taken based on information published on this website. We welcome your help in correcting any mistakes or oversights. Please email the editor.

We encourage free speech and provide a platform for freelance contributors, readers, companies and industry organisations to publish their views on our website. Companies and organisations have editorial control over their press releases in the press releases section of our website, and all content in the industry index.

Opinions published on this website do not necessarily reflect those of Route One Publishing, its agents or its team members.

The website and its contents are provided as-is and without warranty and any services may be withdrawn at any time. We do not guarantee that the website will be available to you at any time.

We work hard to maintain a secure website but will not be responsible for any damage caused by software errors, viruses or malicious software, however introduced into our systems.

This website includes links to third-party websites over which we have no control. We are not responsible for anything you find on linked websites or on sites they link to, but would appreciate you letting us know if the content of a website we link to changes and are no longer part of the transport, technology and construction industries.

Please address any enquiries regarding this disclaimer to  media@ropl.com.

Copyright policy

What‘s covered by this policy

This website code, concept and the industry index branding is ©Route One Communications Ltd. The editorial content, World Highways and ITS International brands are ©Route One Publishing Ltd and the website contributors. Copyright material includes but is not limited to editorial articles, photographs, images, databases, website designs, and website code published on our websites or in our magazines.

Restricted activities

You may not copy, reuse, reproduce, republish, adapt, translate or otherwise circulate anything from this website for profit or otherwise without the permission of the copyright holder.

Your contributions

By contributing material to this website or emailing Route One Publishing, you grant Route One Publishing an irrevocable perpetual licence to use your contributions or ideas for any purpose (commercial or otherwise) in any medium now known or to be invented and the right to allow others to do the same.


Material published in our  press releases section is published by companies seeking media coverage and you are encouraged to reproduce copy and adapt this material in reporting on the originating company and the industry. Material in our news section is written by our editorial team and may not be reproduced, copied or adapted without permission.

If you would like to share information on this website with colleagues, you are invited to use the ‘Email this page to a friend’ facility or to forward the link of the relevant page to your contacts.

If you would like to reproduce our news headlines on your website, you are invited to use our  syndicated headline facility.

We are happy for students to cite up to 700 words from our website for academic study provided that:

    • our content represents no more than 10% of the completed article or essay;
    • all Route One material totals no more than 700 words;
    • our articles are correctly attributed as ©Route One Publishing; and
    • you include the website address of the story on our site and turn this into a link if your work appears online.

The logos of Route One Publishing, Route One Communications, Industry Index, ITS International and World Highways may not be reproduced without permission and may not be used to link to this or other websites.

Linking permission without framing

We are happy for businesses and individuals to link to any content on our website from their websites without permission, provided that they do not frame our website or otherwise make it look like we have a business relationship.


Please address permissions requests or questions to: media@ropl.com.

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